28.5.2020 The new Openwater sw in our stores


The brand new Openwater SW wetsuit in orange and black for women is the perfect combination of safety and technicality. A combination of open water with incorporated technology that increases the safety of the swimmer.

Specificities : 

– The new Openwater SW suit integrates Emerid , a universal personal identification system via NFC / Contactless which provides live information relating to the athlete if an accident or emergency occurs.

– The suit incorporates the Restube Ready hook to be able to attach the Restube buoy to it without having to wear a belt and in complete stability, at the same time preventing the suit from wearing out. Note: The Restube buoy is not included. With the purchase of the Openwater SW you will get a 15% promo code to get yourself a Restube system.

– The high visibility orange color makes the swimmer locatable at all times.

– The different thicknesses of the panels of the suit allow the placement of a more elastic material of 1.5 mm in order to increase the flexibility in the movements of the arms. Thus, you will enjoy great mobility and will not feel any tightness in the shoulders and arms.

– The 4mm thickness on the abdominal area provides considerable thermal insulation, allowing you to maintain an ideal body temperature throughout the exercise.

– This thickness will also provide you with the necessary buoyancy for increased ease in the water.