Espace-Triathlon (Sportmax)

Since 2003, the only store in French-speaking Switzerland 100% dedicated to triathlon and swimming. In Lausanne and Nyon.


Click and Collect

Since January 18 and until the end of February, in accordance with the decisions of the authorities, we are going into the “click and collect”

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Winter Schedules

In view of the closure of the swimming pools, which deprives us of the majority of our customers, and in order to preserve the health

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We are recruiting

To complete our team, we are looking for a part-time salesperson to join our team from January 2021, working in the shop and on the

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Our Featured Products

SwimRun Pull Buoy
Killa Vision Goggle
3.8 ENDURO Women
Tech Paddle
3.8 ENDURO Men

The largest choice of wetsuits

We are working closely with the best brands to provide you the largest choice of products. Send your requests to

Openwater Swimming

To conquer the seven seas and face the unknown is a desire that has fueled many an adventurer. Swimming in the open water is a sport that has always drawn the type of swimmers with this same adventurous spirit.