New: The Swim Coach Communicator!

New at Finis, an extraordinary instrument to communicate between coach and swimmer. The Swim Coach Communicator works by using a Bluetooth® signal from a smartphone to a receiver on the back of the swimmer’s head. The ability for coaches to communicate in real time with their swimmers opens up new and previously untapped training possibilities.

Thermal neoprene accessories for swim are again available

We have just received the new Orca products for open water swimming. The 2021 series includes new thermal gloves, the traditional thermal and high visibility caps, as well as the new hood adapted to the coldest temperatures. Available online or in our shops !

New arrival: Race Suits

We just received new race suits, including the Arena Powerskin models, for the most demanding Swimmers. Limited stock available. We would suggest you to try the wetsuits in our shops, as the size is sometimes difficult to estimate. Please contact us for more information, or visit our shop in Lausanne.

New arrival : Orca 2021

The new Orca 2021 collection will be available from March 19th in our stores (1st delivery in limited number)! Discover the new openwater, triathlon and swimming accessories as well as triathlon apparel. From mid-April, Orca swimsuits will be available in Switzerland and in our stores. Consult our online shop to check the availability of our […]

Compressport now available

For all comprsport fans, the new 2021 collection is now available in Switzerland. In our stores, you will find compression equipment, particularly airy running t’shirts, as well as light and functional caps and visors. Among the new products, we really like the Ice Cap for marathons, triathlons and training in the heat.

Spring Schedules

In view of the closure of the swimming pools, which deprives us of the majority of our customers, and in order to preserve the health of our company, we are reducing the opening hours of our shops. From March, Lausanne will now be open on Tuesday and Friday from 1pm to 6pm, and on Saturday […]

Customized Products

Together with Orca, we produce customized products for the following sports: bicycle, triathlon, running and swimming. Possibility to add many logos and many colors available. Start designing here or ask us for more details or some samples.

Click and Collect

Since January 18 and until the end of February, in accordance with the decisions of the authorities, we are going into the “click and collect” system. Our stores are closed, however online sales are guaranteed. You can call us at 021 6911572 for orders of material which will be delivered by appointment. You can also […]

Christmas action

To celebrate Christmas, you will find in our shop a selection of products with a 50% discount. 4 December until 24 December : Junior swimsuits 11 December until 24 December : A selection of trisuits 18 December until 24 December : A selection of wetsuits