Choosing a neoprene wetsuit

A neoprene wetsuit costs between 200 and 800 francs. Each model has its own specificities and corresponds to a type of swimmer. The criteria for choosing the model are multiple: budget, characteristics (targeted distance, flotation level, level of performance), sports objectives (recreational swimming, open water swimming, short or medium distance triathlon), and even race strategies.

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Our tool of choice is activated during the winter period. You can contact us directly at the store for a free assessment of your needs, based on your swimming style, sports goals and physiological characteristics.

The criteria for evaluating neoprene wetsuits are: 1) energy gain (%) over a given distance 2) speed gain (in m/min) for a comparable energy expenditure (The measurement is done compared to a swim without a combination) 3) Manufacturers’ information. The list of combinations tested can be obtained by email.

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