Equipment tutorials

How to put on a neoprene suit (c) Orca
How to select your combination (c) Orca
How to install a Profile Design Extension (c) Profile Design

Swimming technical tutorials

How to improve the position of the head in swimming (c) Orca
How to improve your breathing in swimming (c) Orca
How to improve body position (c) Orca

Triathlon tutorials

How to remove your suit quickly (c) Orca
Tips for a first triathlon (c) Chinese bike

Orca suits

Orca Sonar – To push more (c) Orca
Orca Alpha – To go faster (c) Orca
Orca 3.8 – to go further (c) Orca


Introduction to SwimRun (c) Orca
SwimRun Equipment – Flotation Aids
Equipment SwimRun – Paddles (c) Orca


Ironman Switzerland 70.3 2019
Ironman, the myth of Hawaii (c) France Tv
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