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You will find available various technical swimming accessories from the brands FINIS, ARENA, ORCA, ZOGGS and SPEEDO, Michael Phelps, MADWAVE, SWIMAX, AQUASPHERE

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Goggles (20 different models on sale)

Fastskin glasses (Speedo)

Fastskin Elite Mirror
Limited colour selection in Switzerland

Developed for competition, these glasses have been tested by the best swimmers. Their profile is aerodynamic and Speedo’s IQFit seals guarantee great comfort.

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Killa vision glasses (Orca)

Different choice of colors. Also exists with mirror effect

If you’re looking for ergonomic and versatile glasses with panoramic vision and a perfect fit for long distances in open water. A wide range of lenses makes these glasses very versatile for all weather conditions.

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Predator flex glasses (Zoggs)

Predator Flex Titanium Reactor Goggles
Available according to different models

One of the most popular glasses for triathletes, seduced by 4Flexpoints technology, which guarantees great flexibility. The titanium model includes reactive lenses depending on the level of brightness.

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Orca Mask

2018 Google Mask Orca

Orca’s new google mask is a practical alternative to classic swimming goggles. This lightweight, durable mask features larger lenses to give you a wider field of view. Its design fits perfectly with the shape of the face and nose, which avoids all types of injuries caused by blows during triathlon races. In addition, the silicone skirt, very practical, avoids the marks around the eyes. Panoramic vision and optimal comfort.

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Agility Paddles (Finis)

Different sizes (29 francs)

Agility paddles are now made of a new material that suits all swimmers, from apprentice swimmers to triathletes. The strapless design adapts to the natural contour of the hand and allows for optimal pressure. This paddle allows you to stay aware of your technique, strengthen your strength and improve your sense of water.

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Biofuse Finger Paddles (Speedo)

Finger paddles Speedo Biofuse Green Grey
29 francs

Finger paddles are intended for excellent swimmers who want to work on the upper body.

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Pro Paddles (Orca)

Orca Pro Paddles 2018 in high-visibility colour
Different sizes (25 francs)

These pads are designed to be used in the most demanding muscle building programs. Flat, large area, they require an elaborate technique to be used properly.

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Beginner Paddles (Orca)

Orca 2018 Beginner Paddles in High Visibility Color
25 francs

If you don’t have a perfect breaststroke technique, but want to increase your strength, these pads will make your workout easier thanks to their thinner shape at the top. Ergonomic, they fit perfectly to the palm of your hands.

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Selection of other products

Short Fins (Orca, Speedo, Finis, Arena)

Orca Fins 2018 in high visibility orange
49 francs
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Snorkels (Finis, Orca, Swimax)

Snorkel Orca 2018 in high visibility orange
29 francs
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Pull buoys (Finis, Madwave, Funkita, Orca)

Funky trunks Pull Buoy
19 francs
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