30.8.2020 50% on all stock running in our Shop in Lausanne

For space reasons, we liquidate textile running in our shop in Lausanne. Everything at 50%.

25.7.2020 Overstim.s in our stores

Overstim.s is almost 40 years of experience in sports nutrition. However, we waited for their organic, vegan and gluten-free game, to let us try. Now in our stores.

24.7.2020 New lake fittings

Geneva, July 27 – Nyon, July 28. Find out from

Other dates will be proposed before the season opens.

5.7.2020 Blue Seventy coming soon in our stores

The famous American brand arrives in Switzerland and has chosen our stores to present its products. Coming soon to Nyon

29.6.2020 July 18th opening of our new space in Nyon

New shop in Nyon, specifically for swimming/triathlon/water sports. Route du Boiron 3. Three minutes from the motorway exit

20.6.2020 All swimsuits at 50% in our Lausanne store

We need space in our store and we will have new brands exclusively Swiss from October. For this reason, we sell all our current jerseys at half price!

20.6.2020 Michael Phelps Products Now in Our Stores

Discover the products of the MP brand, created by the swimmer with 23 Olympic gold medals.

15.6.2020 Coming soon, opening of our new space in Nyon

Scheduled for the second half of July, in the Boiron district

6.6.2020 Conventions with Swimming and Triathlon Clubs

You are in charge of a club and want to benefit, for your members, from the best conditions. Contact us to find out more.

28.5.2020 The new Openwater sw in our stores

The all-new Orange and Black Openwater SW combination for women is the perfect combination of safety and technicality. A combination of free water with built-in technology that increases the safety of the swimmer.


– The new Openwater SW combination integrates Emerid, a universal personal identification system via NFC/Contactless that provides live information about the athlete in the event of an accident or emergency.

– The suit incorporates the Restube Ready hook so you can attach the Restube buoy to it without having to wear a belt and in stability, at the same time preventing the suit from wearing out. Note: The Restube buoy is not included. With the purchase of the Openwater SW, you’ll get a 15% promotion code to get a Restube system.

– The high-visibility orange colour makes the swimmer located at any time.

– The different thicknesses of the suit panels allow the placement of a more elastic material of 1.5 mm to increase flexibility in arm movements. This will give you great mobility and no oppression of your shoulders and arms.

– The 4 mm thick on the abdominal area provides considerable thermal isolation, allowing you to maintain an ideal body temperature for the duration of the exercise.

– This thickness will also give you the buoyancy you need for increased water ease.

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