Orca Supports the Young Swiss triathlets

This year, Orca Switzerland is supporting several young triathlon hopefuls. After Pierre Moraz and Maxime Fluri, we give the floor to Ludovic Séchaud (Swiss team) and Amélie Gorka (Regional team). and wish them a successful season!

Ludovic, can you introduce yourself?
I was born in 2000. I have been a triathlete for almost 10 years. Before, I was in the field of swimming. I participated in the European and World Junior Triathlon Championships, I won 7 medals at the Swiss Championships (in different categories, over several years). I am studying Sports Science at the University of Lausanne.
You use an Orca Alpha, why?
I’m looking for a wetsuit that doesn’t bother me in the arm movements (relatively soft in the shoulders) and for which I don’t need to adapt my swimming style. I also need to be able to take it off quickly to lose as little time as possible in transition.
For the alpha, I really appreciate the thinness of the neoprene in the arms and shoulders (feeling of freedom). It supports well the pelvis and it is also well adjusted at the level of the hips – pelvis and wide enough at the ankles to get out quickly. The opening in the back is a little small but not particularly disturbing.
What are your goals for the season?
I’m looking to qualify for the U23 World Championships (top 15 in the European Cup). I also want to reach the top 3 in the Swiss U23 championships and the top 5 in the National League. I also want to test my abilities and see my progress on the Olympic distance.

Amélie, can you introduce yourself in a few words?
I am 15 years old and I live on the Vaud Riviera, a beautiful region where I have many friends. I’m finishing my compulsory schooling and I’m going to join the gymnasium Auguste Piccard, in sports class. Indeed, I have been practicing triathlon for several years already and it is really a passion for me.Between swimming, running and cycling, Which discipline do you feel most comfortable with?
I come from swimming and it is in this discipline that I feel the most comfortable and also the one I train the most. However, I consider myself more of a sportswoman, because I love sports and discovering new disciplines related or complementary to triathlon. In between seasons, I practice cyclocross and cross-country skiing and I like this diversity and I have a lot of fun.
Is it difficult for you to reconcile triathlon and studies?
I am really lucky in the school circle where I am currently studying, because the Direction has always given me school breaks, as long as my school results remain good. However, it is clear that I have to work in a structured way and especially listen well in class in order to save time. Triathlon also helps me in my schooling because I approach my tests or exams like a competition, so I have to give it my best shot. I am very happy because soon I will be able to join the gymnasium Auguste Piccard, in a sports class, to discover a new environment and to progress in my schooling, while being able to practice my sport in an adequate way.
If you had to motivate a young person of your age to do triathlon, what would you tell him/her?
Triathlon is never routine. There is never one training session that looks like another and I don’t get tired of it because of the three disciplines. In addition, the fourth discipline, transitions, is also very challenging because you have to be very focused. Our coaches at Triviera and Swisstriathlon are very attentive to us and accompany us very well so that we can progress and last as long as possible. I would say that triathlon is a great sport and that it is one of the most complete activities. Finally, I would add that we have to compete, because it is the only time we do all three disciplines in a row and that is when this sport is really cool!
What are your next sporting goals?
Last year, I managed to join the Swisstriathlon regional team. I confirmed my results this year in the tests and my goal is to join the Swisstriathlon national junior team next year. This would be an important step and would give me the possibility to participate in international races for Switzerland and would be a further step for me, giving me more chances to realize other dreams in the future.