Vanir Flex Swimrun Women


a Combinasion Swimrun Vanir Flex est la version (r)évoluée de la combinaison Swimrun Core.

Vanir Flex est la combinaison la plus confortable de la gamme Swimrun d’Orca. Elle intègre des matériaux hautement extensibles et une fermeture éclair à l’avant pour plus de confort, que ce soit pour courir ou pour nager en eau libre.



This is a balanced wetsuit that is suitable for all types of races and swimrunners. The Vanir Flex is the perfect combination of the thickness of Yamamoto 39 and high-performance fabrics.

The DuraSkin 2 outer fabric in the lower torso protects the suit from any abrasions caused by accessories or obstacles, increasing its durability and allowing you to enjoy your Orca swimrun wetsuit for longer.

A 15×12 cm back pocket is incorporated that allows you to store the basic safety equipment needed for training and competitions.

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