The Predator, introduced by Pierre Moraz member of the national triathlon team

Pierre, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Pierre Moraz, I am 22 years old and I have been doing high level triathlon for 6 years. I am currently a member of the Swiss-triathlon elite C team. In parallel I study at the University of Lausanne part-time in Sport Sciences. This allows me to combine sports and studies.

What are you looking for in neoprene suits?

I look for comfort and performance. Indeed, it is essential for me to feel comfortable in a wetsuit while performing as well as possible. On the international circuit the first part of the season between March and June, the swims are almost always in neoprene. and it is very important to have the best material possible.

You tested the Alpha and the Predator, and you chose the Predator. What were the reasons for your choice?

For me the Predator suits me better. It offers a very interesting elasticity and freedom of movement in the arms, which allows me to be comfortable and I can keep the natural movement of the crawl. On the other hand, this wetsuit has buoyancy in the legs which allows me to have a perfectly hydrodynamic position in the water. In triathlons, the possibility of saving your legs on the swimming part is very interesting because it allows you to keep the maximum of energy energy for the bike and the run.

What are your next goals for the season?

The season will mainly be built around the European elite cups. In a more global way, my goal is to gain experience in the elite category and to achieve the the criteria for the U23 World Championships, namely a top 15 in the elite European Cup.